Who are we?

ATQ was founded in 1996, and is a chemical consultancy company entrusted with managing and providing integral services to meet the needs of the market for detergent products, biocides, cosmetics, and other industrial and consumer chemical products. It is a sector that evolves rapidly and that is constantly undergoing and adapting to changes.

We are established in the Valencia Region of Spain, in the district of la Safor, and are a chemical consultancy company specializing in each and every one of the processes necessary to create and market a product. At ATQ we cover all aspects and you can rely on us for the complete development of your product, or to see you through the pertinent bureaucratic stages of procedures, authorizations, registries, renewals, homologations, labelling, packaging, branding.

What are we like?

We are an entrepreneurial and dedicated chemical consultancy company and we believe in offering complete services which are tailored to meet your needs. For us, YOU are what is important. We are committed to your company and your project.

We are registered with the newly-created Register of Enterprises conducting R&D activities of the Spanish Ministry of Industry. We will also obtain Homologation from the Valencia Quality Foundation (FVQ) as a Consultancy and Advisory Enterprise. For your added peace of mind, we also have two civil-liability policies of insurance: one for €150,000 with the respected international company ALLIANZ, which covers our liability in any work we are carrying out, and another for €1,800,000 with MAPFRE, administered through the Alicante College of Technical Industrial Engineers, which covers any eventuality as part of the projects we are working on. Don’t worry, you can rely on us.

Where do we work?

We have our own laboratory at our premises, which gives us independence when it comes to fulfilling our orders and workload. This is the same laboratory where we carry out our R&D work, so that we can keep up-to-date with the latest innovations and changes.

We research and develop for you